Kronburg has modern conference rooms, well-equipped audio-visual equipment and provides professional assistance and various other additional services and will meet any demand for conferences, meetings and seminars. You can work undisturbed enjoying a tranquil environment with on-site accommodation, healthy meals and friendly service; thus ensuring a successful meeting.

There are 4 conference rooms available as well as a seminar garden for conferences. You can choose a suitable room for you, and we will provide you with the latest available technology for seminars, product presentation meetings or training courses. 

The Starkenberg room, 55m2 max. 35 people
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The Starkenberg room is in our Inn and the open ceiling beams provide the room with a warm and feel-good natural environment. There is also an accompanying terrace that guests can use during breaks.

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The Kronburg room, 71 m2 max. 45 people
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The Kronburg room offers beautiful views and direct access to the garden, which can also be used for meetings.

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The Schrofenstein room, 71 m2, max. 50 people
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The Schrofenstein room is on the ground floor and easily accessible.

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The Emsburg-Stüble, 30m2, max. 12 people
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The Emsburg-Stüble is the pearl of our premises in terms of individuality, charm and warmth. Specially designed for small groups and coaching sessions, equipped with chairs, and a sofa if desired, and its very own Kackelofen.

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