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The compassionate sisters were founded in 1633 by Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac in Paris. The sisters of Zams were founded between 1811 – 1826 and their path was guided by St. Vincent de Paul..

Vinzent de Paul (Puy 1581—1660 Paris)

is the patron of all charitable institutions. He accepted the poor from many dreadful situations..

Vincentian Spirituality

is based on gospel values that serve people and life in the pursuit of equality for all. The spirituality of Vincent de Paul sees a person holistically and tries to stand by the individual and provide them with answers to their various needs and questions.

Kronburg is more than room and board

For this reason everyone is welcome in Kronburg and will feel assisted in their search for relaxation and joy, finding the meaning of life and answers to their questions about God and the world.

Kronburg is a place where each individual is treated with respect, esteem and attention

where a sophisticated party can become a personal experience and where a quality holiday can be relaxing

Ein Ort für die Vielfalt des Lebens.