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Water is a healthy source of energy and vitaity. Cold water awakens the spirits.. 

The fountain in front of the Inn is supplied by our very own precious water source. That can not only quench your thirst, but the wooden tub also provides an opportunity to bathe your arms to produce better blood circulation throughout your arms, heart and lungs.

On the path between the Inn and convent you can visit our newly designed “Kneipp” maze and water treading facility. Water treading is part of the classic “Kneipp” therapy for physical and mental fitness, which is based on the interplay the of five pillars of the “Kneipp's” naturopathic treatment: water, movement, medicinal plants and herbs, nutrition and internal order.

Hiking, Nordic walking and cycling
Biker Leo Wandern Wandertafeln

There are numerous walking and hiking trails surrounding Kronburg that lead to romantic and relaxing places. You can purchase a special map of the surrounding area and other maps with additional walking trails in our Convent store.

Rock climbing
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Great freedom in Rock climbing heaven: whether you are in the “Steinsee” climbing region, “Burschlwand”, “Galugg” or “Affenhimmel”, which is located right opposite our Inn, you can experience the great freedom of rock climbing on more than three hundred trails.

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winter sports
Schneeschuhwandern Burg Skifahren Klösterle

Kronburg is located in the heart of the most famous skiing areas in Tyrol and is therefore the ideal location for a ski holiday in some of the best known skiing venues in Europe. There are 11 ski resorts and over 1,000 kilometres of pistes available for you to enjoy during your skiing holiday in Tyrol..

The Venet ski resort is located right on our doorstep and is appropriate for beginners and experienced skiers.

Excursion tips
Genuss Schloss Landeck Stanz Zammer Lochputz

Tyrol - The land of Castles and Chateaus

There are almost 1,000 castles Chateaus and Manors in south Tyrol, and throughout the country just waiting for you to discover them.

The mighty towers, historical walls with their fortified passages and the castle chapels invite you to take a very special journey back to the middle Ages.

No matter where you look Kronburg is surrounded by ancient historical monuments.

Many of the once majestic castles, for example Castle Landeck, Castle Finstermünz and Castle Biedeneck are well preserved and still awaken the childhood desire to search for traces of the past.

The Archeological Museum in Fliess

There are many findings on display in the Archaeological Museum in Fliess (weapons, jewellery, coins…) from the pre-historical sacrificial burning sites at Gachen Blick, as well as treasures from Moosbruckschrofen and Hallstatt found in the Bronze Age Period.

The Documentation Centre Via Claudia Augusta in Fliess

The Roman imperial line is documented at the Via Claudia Augusta documentation centre. You can admire findings from the Via Claudia Augusta and a preserved copy of the Roman road map, the “Tabula Peutingeriana”.

Kaunergrat Nature Park

The Kaunergrat mountain range, with 1,100 different types of butterflies
A mystical sacrificial site
The mysterious natural monument the “Piller” Moorland
Trails with a theme: The Woodland Animal trail, the Educational tree trail, the Moorland trail, several farmed pastures, and alpine huts, Adventure hikes and a nature playground…..


Stams is home to the internationally known Cistercian monastery. The renowned monastery was established by the Tyrolean leader MeinhardII in 1273. Count Meinhard II, from Gorzia-Tyrol, intended for this monastery to henceforth serve as the burial place for all future Counts of Gorizia-Tyrol. The basilica contains the well-known Rose lattices, the royal crypt- represents the memorial site for Tyrolean Sovereigns and members of their families that are buried in Stams – The pulpit, arches and many other magnificent features together with the Bernardisaal are all significant treasures in Tyrol. It is best to view the Princes Hall and the Basilica on a guided tour.


Galtür is a small community at the end of the Paznaun Valley and at the base of the Silvretta mountain range, with several hiking and excursion possibilities. Europe's highest located battleship is operated at the Bielerhöhe on the Silvretta reservoir (in Vorarlberg). The architecturally remarkable Alpinarium documents life in the High Alps and is a key component to the 345 meter long protective wall that was built following the avalanche disaster in 1999.

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All the information for the perfect holiday program including bus schedules within the region:

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