Gesund schlafen & Wissenswertes

Since acquiring Kronberg in 2005 the Merciful Sisters have tried to revive and redevelop the property as a natural, cultural gem. The religious order’s concern is to carefully deal with the current treasures and beautiful surroundings.

Multiple levels of sustainability are to be found at the centre of their ecological concept for example:
    •  The water in Kronburg originates from our own springs.
    • Rainwater is collected in a tank and used in order to conserve the valuable spring water.
    • The soakaways have been replaced by a water pipe that allows the water to flow into the sewage plant in Zams.
    • In a former agricultural building a wood chip facility was built that largely supplies the whole location with Bio Heating and Hot running water using the elephant grass and the wood from the Kronburger forest.
    • The improvement of forest paths simplifies wood transportation and creates additional hiking opportunities. The forest industry is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The steep meadows are partially maintained manually or grazed by sheep.
    • In these motorized times the traffic-free town centre seems like a little piece of luxury.

We hope you get plenty of rest during your stay. Our unique traffic-free countryside location is perfect for a relaxing break.

Healthy sleep - sweet dreams - awaken refreshed

Upon request we provide the following complimentary pillows to ensure you receive a relaxing night’s sleep:

  • A Lavender-scented pillows
  • Swiss stone pine pillows
  • Hay pillows

Ein Ort für die Vielfalt des Lebens.