Communal life in the monastery

The Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul are a charitable community that serve humanity. We believe living in a convent means serving the people and helping them find a connection to God. We are guided by Jesus Christ, who with dignity, recognized and strengthened people in every situation.

We want to respect every human being as an individual.

We want especially to be open and attentive to the needs of all.

In prayer and in the celebration of the liturgy we find the strength for our service.

There is the opportunity to enter the rhythm of our Convent’s life for a short period and to find strength and new perspectives for your own life.

We warmly welcome anyone who is interested in the Convent life and would like to spend a few days with us.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact: Sr. Barbara Weindl
+43 5442 63345 11

Contact: Sr. Birgit Hammerle
+43 5442 62484 55

Ein Ort für die Vielfalt des Lebens.