Spiritual Program


There are plenty of reasons why people visit Kronburg. Most people see it as a place of spiritual life culture, where they can discover the precious treasures of Christian spirituality.

Veranstaltungen September 2015 - Feber 2016

Geistliche Angebote

The convent is considered “Kornberg’s spiritual Centre”, a place with warm hospitality where people in search of god find a piece of home and where hope, trust and faith may grow by encountering like-minded people. We invite you to live with us for one or more days and attend our prayer time, religious services and events. 

Prayer room
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The convent offers two rooms on the top floor, close to heaven, that invite you to retreat to enjoy silence and prayer.

The larger prayer and liturgy room bearing the name of the “Gottesberges Horeb” invites you to open the "I-am-there" senses. The small, intimate "Elias 'cave' poses the most holy place.

Oasis days
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The so-called "oasis days" led by Pastor Herbert Traxl and Sr. Barbara Flad take place during the school year on Fridays and Saturdays. The main focus in each case is to find an impulse (9:00 to 10:00), which inspires you to share your own thoughts and visions.

On Fridays the main focus is a passage from the Bible (the Gospel from the following Sunday) and on Saturdays the topic changes each month.

The oasis days are available to anyone interested, even without previous experience. Registration is only required if you wish to stay overnight. You also have the possibility to take part in individual elements of the day.

Pastor Traxl is available outside of prayer and reflection time for Spiritual companionship and discussions.

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Taizé prayer
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A simple liturgy of Taizé songs, reading, prayer and silence provides the framework in order to calm down and to find yourself.

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Biblical narrative evenings by the fire
Erzählabende Kerzen Biblische Erzählabende Biblische Erzählabende

Let us tell you stories about people from the Bible - stories full of emotion and mystery, full of jealousy and wit, friendship and betrayal, thrilling stories out of 1001 Nights. Join us in a journey into the past with narrations that are so old and yet still so current...

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Spiritual accompaniment

Anyone embarking on a spiritual journey will repeatedly experience that nothing can ever be fully achieved; there will always be new challenges to overcome. Our main concern is to accompany people on their path, whether they are at the beginning, middle or nearing the end of their journey.

If you wish to talk to someone Pastor Herbert Traxl and Sr. Barbara Flad are available on Fridays and Saturdays (during the school year) provided you arrange an appointment beforehand.

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