The pilgrimage church

After the miraculous healing of his son, who stabbed himself in the eye with the tip of a knife, Hans Lechleitner and Johann Raimund Fieger had a portrait of Kronburg drawn (by Lucas Cranach) and also built a chapel.

The pilgrimage church “Maria Hilf” was built as a chapel in 1673 and was expanded upon after receiving numerous donations from 1714-1717. The pilgrimage church that stands there today, now considered a baroque jewel, was built in 1717. As a church administration of the parish in Zams it therefore belongs to the Diocese of Innsbruck. There are some votive offerings near the entrance. Each of the pieces tells a story of wishes and prayers that have already been fulfilled. 

Mass times

Wednesday: 5 pm.

Saturday: 5 pm.

Sunday: 10 am.

Your celebration in the pilgrimage church
Dorf Kirche aussen Kirche Innen Brautpaar

Feel free to use us, the pilgrimage church, for your church festivities such as weddings, baptisms, or anniversaries. Our Inn with its ballroom and dining rooms are available for subsequent celebrations. Ceremony, food, celebration and overnight stay - all in one place and in a unique atmosphere.

Contact details
    • or wedding and anniversary in the pilgrimage church:
      Chaplain Josef Götz, Tel. 05442/62226

Ein Ort für die Vielfalt des Lebens.